Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coloring in Stamps

So, I tried responding to a comment R left, but my message wouldnt post.. so sorry if it pops up 3 times later! R asked "what kind of markers do you use to color in stamps. or can you use color pencils?
and my response
"Once the image is stamped on paper you can use anything to color in. Pencils are always a good choice cuz you dont have to worry about the ink bleeding and you can have fun blending colors. Some people use markers to actually color on the stamp (so for example you can have a pink flower with a green stem instead of a pink flower with pink stem)... there's a line called LePlume that I have one set of. That snowflake that's above Santa is the 1st time I used the marker to stamp. The image wasn't as crisp as I thought it would be but that's prob user error :)"


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  2. btw I won an ebay auction. now am the proud owner of 4 alpha sets: typewriter, fancy pants, harmony and curls/swirls. ebay is addictive :-)

  3. I'm going to buy a set of colored pencils prob. Less chance of oopses since I'm not the best at coloring within the lines anyway!

  4. omg!!! exciting- i haven't gotten the rush yet- i'm a "buy it now" kinda gal!!!! i need to get a good set too.... if u dont have a set in mind, i like prisma color. its a nice soft pencil that's good for shading and u can press harder to get vibrant bold color too. the draw back is they're expensive. you can get with a michael's coupon- they're in the artist area not the scrapbook area.