Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby Shower Favors

Happy New Years Eve! Belated posting of shower favors I made a couple weeks ago!

Everything but paper is from Michaels.  Paper is fun glittery Nana's Nursery for both boy and girl (Since the parent's-to-be are waiting to find out!) from Joanns (But available at Michaels).  Cut a bunch of confetti shapes in different prints using New Arrival cart in Cricut and glued them to 5 sides.  Placed bags of candy inside and made labels to secure the lid.  Lots of boxes and paper left for future projects.  I'm on a buying freeze for at least the first half of 2010... going to find out how creative I can get with all the stuff in my closet!!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sorry! Haven't posted in a while... Holidays kinda crept up on me! Planning on a quiet weekend at home so maybe I will catch up then (and take cool pics with my new toy:)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sleepy Sunday Morning

I'm excited about skyping with sisters- they're going to show off their cards they made! I'm supposed to be making one too- a group holiday card for work. Got to do the rest of the holiday shopping today- determined to get finished. I'm placing a 2 week ban on the mall as of tomorrow!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Birthday Party Favors

So now that I'm well on the road to recovery from last Saturday's devastation of a game.... I can post pictures of favors for my friend's birthday party. I made 25 favors. The boxes and tags set from Martha Stewart (on clearance but now I know why- took forever to put them together!). Rubber stamp from local SB store. I got the 3 different ribbons when RagShop was closing...uhhh 4 years ago! The rhinestones are EKSuccess.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Go Gators!

Going to be working on my friend's party favors for her birthday dinner this weekend... and WATCHING GATOR FOOTBALL!!! GO GATORS!!! Sooooo exciting! (Will post pics when I'm done- of the favors :)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Coloring in Stamps

So, I tried responding to a comment R left, but my message wouldnt post.. so sorry if it pops up 3 times later! R asked "what kind of markers do you use to color in stamps. or can you use color pencils?
and my response
"Once the image is stamped on paper you can use anything to color in. Pencils are always a good choice cuz you dont have to worry about the ink bleeding and you can have fun blending colors. Some people use markers to actually color on the stamp (so for example you can have a pink flower with a green stem instead of a pink flower with pink stem)... there's a line called LePlume that I have one set of. That snowflake that's above Santa is the 1st time I used the marker to stamp. The image wasn't as crisp as I thought it would be but that's prob user error :)"

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Adhesives - LONG post!

R requested post on adhesives:

Liquid paper glue- Zip Dry- something I haven't used but would like to try!

Liquid pen- Zig 2 way pen OR Mono Multi- good for small/tiny things. Adhere wet and it's a permanent hold; let it dry and adhere for repositional hold. *May need craft tweezers if you're working with tiny things. I use for quilling- and that's a whole nother explanation on a whole nother day!!! I love both for different reasons- Zig pen tip is more precise for finer stuff, Zig angle tip is super easy to use- no fuss, and Mono is just a really good hold with 2 tips in one.

Heavy duty- E6000- I use for gluing rhinestones on fabric or metal, etc...supper strong hold. Is flexible if you need it to be. I use a toothpick to apply.

Pop dots- EK Success- get them at wal-mart for $1.50.... craft stores sell them for $3! Watch out for the thickness (depending on how much you want the embellishment to come up off of the page. I think there are 2 thicknesses- the circles are 1/16" and the square ones are 1/8". Personally like the circles (thinner).


Dry adhesive runner- Kokuyo- Japanese product that's not selling in the US anymore. My scrapbook store orders it from Japan with the Japanese packaging. I think the thickness of the line is 3/8". If you look at it closely it's tiny thin strips of tape in a line- you may have to see it in person to understand.

Dry adhesive runner alternative #1- Glue Glider Pro- it's a smaller version of the professional tape runner. I have this one too- I need more practice with it cuz I feel awkward with it and I need to get the hang of giving it a "running start". What I do like is that it's a thinner width- 1/4" with the same tiny strips as Kokuyo. And they also have a runner that's tiny dots of glue so it essentially eliminates bits of tape hanging over the edge when applying to curved embellies.
You can change out the different types of cartridges-high tac, perma tac, you go depending on what u need. You don't have to finish the cart before changing it.

Dry adhesive runner alternative #2- Scotch 3M ATG Gun- this is a professional tape runner that framers use. It's the biggest unit but I think it has super tacky tape- the most tacky of them all. I'm not there yet!!! haha!

**FYI- Robyn, The Pink Stamper uses Tombo MONO adhesive in her earlier posts before discovering the ATG gun- you can try that out since it's readily avail at any craft store.

ok I'm done for now.. these are the most used by me and other scrapbookers that I've seen. There are others like red tape (super sticky but just comes as a roll with no dispenser- oh, and also comes as sheets) and vellum tape (specific for vellum so the tape line disappears under the vellum), glue dots (super sticky) for flowers and buttons, and this scotch glue that I can't remember the name of that's a good complete coverage glue.

Let me know what you find and like!!!